Hello! I’m glad you’re here and would love for you to stay a bit.

I hope to bring a little sanity and serenity into your life through my essays on personal and spiritual growth.

I’ve been writing on these themes for more than a decade. My writing is meant to help others, in some small way, heal their hearts and minds.

I write in part from my own experience and insight, having survived several traumas, a high-stress life, and more decades than I wish to reveal.

I'm committed to self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-healing, and to sharing what I learn on my life journey with you.

I've studied Buddhism for more than thirty years. It would be fair to say I see the world through a Buddhist lens. I sometimes write articles specifically about Buddhism, bust mostly, I try to translate its basic principles in a ways that's relevant to everyday life.

I've also taught mindfulness for more than a decade. I'm delighted to share what I know about mindfulness meditation and mindful living. I've seen the practice change many lives.

Most recently, I've studied trauma and how to recover from trauma with psychotherapist and nervous system expert, Irene Lyon, MSC and the folks at the Trauma Resource Institute. I'm also intrigued by various aspects of psychology like Attachment Theory.

I also love exploring the Enneagram of Personality under the guidance of Beatrice Chestnut and Urania Paes, longtime students and teachers of this remarkable personal growth system.

I'm also curious about high sensitivity and introversion because I lean that way.

In the world of work, I've been a freelance writer for businesses, non-profits and marketing firms. But most of my career years, I served as a non-profit director.

I live a quiet life in Hawaii with my two cats, Tara and Chitta.

Thanks for reading my "About" page. If you enjoy my Medium articles, please leave a comment so we can connect. You might also like my bi-montly e-letter, Wild Arisings.

Wishing you well, always!


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Sandra Pawula


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